Preez Designs is a world class jewellery design and manufacturing company that was established in 2011. Although our main focus is creating custom designs, we also have an instore range of beautifully crafted designs. Our manufacturers work with all precious metals which can be handsomely adorned with any semi precious and precious stones.

Not only do we pride ourselves in excellent service, we love elevating your shopping experience by showing you to our peek window, where you can see our manufacturers working on once off designs. Roux du Preez is the founder of Preez Designs, he has a degree in jewellery design and successfully completed his MQA Trade Test. Our five team members has accumulative industry experience of 36 years and consists of the following individuals:



Director and Owner

Roux is the founder of Preez Designs. He has a degree in jewellery design from Stellebosch University and completed his MQA Trade Test. He loves the whole process of jewellery manufacturing - from drawing the design to delivery. Roux is fascinated with the process of melting a few granules of metal which can be manipulated to become anything you want. Setting the stones and ultimately seeing clients’ reactions when the design is revealed is also something he adores.


“I have always felt a gift diamond shines so
much better than one you buy for yourself.”

- Mae West