Lady Anserina in Platinum


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Lady Anserina in Platinum, Moissanite Engagement Rings

The exquisite allure of the six-claw solitaire engagement ring, transforming Lady Anserina into a resplendent masterpiece. Her very name hints at an enigmatic identity, beckoning admirers to delve deeper into the captivating intricacies of this marvel. Echoing the natural world, she embodies the grace of "Potentilla anserina," a plant revered for its versatility in ancient herbal remedies. This botanical muse, with its culinary potential, stirred the creative minds at Preez Design jewellers, inspiring the creation of the engagement ring's delicate leaf-inspired claw setting.

Lady Anserina isn't just a ring; she's a testament to nature's elegance, translating the ethereal beauty of flora into an everlasting symbol of love and commitment. Each of her six claws delicately cradles the precious stone, reminiscent of the gentle touch of a petal embracing the dew at dawn. As admirers gaze upon her, they're drawn into a narrative woven by craftsmanship and nature's poetry, where the union of artistry and botanical inspiration harmoniously converges.

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Centre Stone

Moissanite 1ct, Ring only, 9ct 0.40 ct I-J SI 1-2, 9ct 0.50 ct I-J SI 1-2, 9ct 0.75 ct I-J SI 1-2


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