Round Stone with Petal Basket Halo


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Round Stone with Petal Basket Halo

Round Stone with Petal Basket Halo—Crafted with meticulous precision, this stunning piece seamlessly marries classic charm with modern allure. The lustrous round stone takes center stage, cradled by a delicate petal basket halo, with nature as the design influence and adding a touch of romance to its brilliance. Each petal is intricately designed to enhance the stone's radiance, creating a mesmerizing play of light. This ethereal combination of elements embodies everlasting love and commitment. Whether as a breathtaking engagement ring or a cherished gift, our Round Stone with Petal Basket Halo transcends trends, making it a true heirloom for generations.

34 x 0.01 ct H-I VS-SI

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Centre Stone

Platinum and small diamonds, 0.5ct I-J VS-SI stone only, 0.75ct I-J VS-SI stone only, 1.0 ct I-J VS-SI stone only, 9ct and small diamonds, 18ct and small diamonds


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