How do I go about buying an engagement ring?

How do I go about buying an engagement ring?


You can contact Preez Designs to make an appointment with Roux. The design process starts by discussing your ideas and determining your needs. Roux will give expert advice on what metals are best suited for your needs and the different properties of the stone/s that are wanted.

Finalise design

Once your idea has been turned in to a final concept, Roux will send you a couple of preliminary designs to choose from.

After choosing your final design, you will receive a three-dimensional computer generated drawing (CAD design) for approval.

Manufacture for you

A 60% deposit will enable us to start manufacturing and within a mere two-four weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of stones, your design will be ready for delivery. With delivery, you can make the final payment (we accept cash, electronic or card payments) and you will also receive a complimentary valuation certificate.



Diamonds are beautiful gemstones that have been used as adornments for centuries. To choose a diamond, you have to first decide on your 4C’s – carat, cut, clarity & colour.

Diamonds are weighed in carats and each comes with their own special certification, for example, 0.5ct H Si2. This means that the weight of the diamond is 0.5ct, the colour is H and the clarity is Si2. The next step in choosing a diamond is looking at its clarity, just remember – the higher the clarity the higher the price. The clarity scale ranges from FL (Flawless, free from inclusions or blemishes at 10x magnification) to I3 (Obvious inclusions, easily visible to the unaided eye). Following the clarity, is the colour of the diamond.

White diamonds are graded from D to X. As the grade of the stone lowers, the stone will be more yellow and the price will be less.

True colour diamonds like yellow, pink and blue are graded on different scales. The last step in choosing your perfect diamond is the cut. We offer a wide selection of cuts.


Being the most commonly used material for jewellery, gold has great aesthetic value and good durability. There are different types of gold in the industry – white, red and yellow gold, all available in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct.

The ‘ct’ refers to the percentage of fine gold in the metal. Seeing that gold is very soft in its raw form, it is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger.


This is a very strong pure white metal. It is great for engagement rings, as it is most durable compared to gold and palladium.


This is a less expensive white metal, mostly used for dress jewellery. This material isn’t suited for engagement rings. Our Preez range of earrings, pendants and rings are mostly manufactured from this elegant material.


This is a light grey metal which can only be moulded into certain designs, which is not manufactured at our studio. Titanium is mostly used for gents wedding bands.


This is a very versatile metal which is used as an alloy for gold.


It can also be a dark grey metal which is very hard and scratch resistant. Tungsten is mainly used for gents’ bands and is only available in certain designs, as it is not manufactured in the studio.