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Preez Custom is a collection of unique engagement rings with nature as the design influence. Sitting in the open meadows of Napier in the Overberg Western Cape with the wind finding its way softly through the land overgrown with indigenous flora. Fine line drawings found its way on to paper and to the creation of these delicate and beautiful rings.
The meaning of the name Du Preez is “man from the house at the meadows”

Therefore each Preez Custom has been assigned a specific scientific or part there off as their specific design name. These names has been chosen for various reasons whether its been because of the appearance of the plant or the way the name and the design just felt though it matched.

I feel that names needs to have a meaning, for that exact reason I decided to use the inspiration from the names of these plants found in meadows. My designs are not plant specific therefore choosing a suitable name also forms part of the design process.

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